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Camping in Greece

Campsites in Greece

Are you looking for a blissful holiday, surrounded by the sea, in beautiful sunshine? Then look no further than a campsite in Greece! A country rich in culture, history and breath-taking natural beauty. There is so much to do and see. Discover the history of the ancient Greeks, explore the stunning beaches of the Greek islands and the natural beauty of the Aegean Sea. Of course, you also have amazing cuisine, fascinating culture and friendly people. Greece is a great place to explore and get lost in. Spend time with family and friends, relax, sunbath, chill out, enjoy the food and culture. It's a perfect holiday destination. At Greek campsites you're surrounded by stunning nature, from white sandy beaches to the endless horizon of the Aegean Sea. Discover the unspoilt Chalkidiki region, an area known as the Greek Caribbean. Dreaming of a blissful holiday? Then book a campsite holiday in Greece.

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    Chalkidiki, or the three-fingered hand.

    Chalkidiki (or Halkidiki) is a region in northern Greece known for its three jutting peninsulas, or three-fingered hand. An area full of mediterranean forests, sheltered bays and sandy beaches. Notable archaeological sites include Stageira, Aristotle’s birthplace. The region has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, as well as lush pine forests, olive groves and stunning scenery. For those who fancy some nightlife head to Kassandra, on the westernmost peninsula. Here, the numerous clubs and bars of its resorts will keep you entertained till the early hours. For something completely different head to Athos, on the eastern peninsula. A visit to this autonomous region (a special visa is required to enter) is like going back in time. Unspoilt from tourist infrastructure, the lush flora and fauna, numerous monasteries and sleepy villages, give this place a mystical feel. In the middle of Chalkidhiki's three peninsulas you'll find Sithonia, which has been described as a combination of the other two. It's much more laid back than the western peninsula. It's full of beautiful beaches, azure waters and picturesque towns such as Sarti or Neos Marmara. It also has the lush green hills that the eastern peninsula is famous for. Our Vacansoleil campsite,

    is located in the heart of the Chalkidiki region, thus giving you the perfect opportunity to discover the charms and secrets of this special place!

    Campsites by the sea in Greece

    A campsite holiday on the Aegean Sea, in beautiful Greece, what a combination! Ideal for beach and sun lovers, families with children, or those seeking to relax in enchanting nature. A special mention must go to the beach at our Armarentis campsite, this place is the pride and joy of Sithonia. This truly stunning beach has golden sand, turquoise waters and an amazing view of Mount Athos. A stay here will make you feel like you're in paradise. The beach has a blue flag, proving that it's certified for a clean and safe environment, with qualified lifeguards on hand. Visit Vourvourou, a small fishing village nearby. Enjoy its local bars and seafood taverns. You can also rent boats here that offer easy access to swimming and diving spots off nearby uninhabited islands. Enjoy complete tranquillity away from busy tourist's hot spots. Have a romantic picnic or take walks along the coast. Sithonía's beaches can be lovely in low season too, such as late spring or early autumn, where daytime temperatures can still be 20°c. Book a stay at

    and enjoy great camping in the magical surroundings of the Greek coast.

    Explore living history in Greece

    Greece is a country with a long and rich history, known by many as the cradle of modern civilization. It was the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games, literature and drama. If you need a change from the beach, you won't have far to go to immerse yourself in the living history of this ancient civilization. The area around the campsite is the perfect place to get started, especially if you are traveling by car. Visit the city of Toroni, which in ancient times was one of the largest and richest in Halkidiki. This coastal city is known for its long seafront promenade lined with open-air bars. Fortress walls from the 4th century BC overlook the bay. Remains of the ancient Toroni harbour can still be found meters below the water. Go snorkelling and discover this underwater spectacle for yourself. Explore the nearby ruins of Lekythos castle which is one of the region's most important archaeological sites.

    A little further from the campsite you'll find the city of Stagria, the birthplace of one of the most famous ancient philosophers - Aristotle. Visit the ruins of Agora, where a citadel, houses and temples can be found. For families with children, we recommend a visit to Aristotle Park, where numerous objects symbolizing antiquity can be explored. One of Greece's most famous cities is Thessaloniki, where Greek, Roman and Turkish influences mixed over the centuries. Explore the numerous buildings and monuments from ancient times, including the Triumphal Arch of Emperor Galerius, St. Demetrius Basilica or the White Tower, which is the city's landmark. On your way back to the campsite, stop off at ancient Olynthus - here you'll find the well-preserved ruins of a Greek city from the classical period. The oldest known Greek floor mosaics are also found here. A campsite holiday can always be great, but a

    is hard to beat.