Luxury bungalow tents

Luxury Ottawa tent

The same surface area as the Navajo, but with more space because of the upright and higher walls. The robust aluminium frame is set on a level wooden floor. Perfect for campsites with uneven or soft soil. Plus, the floor provides a stable base which is easy to clean. It keep dry too because the floor is 15cm high and so keeps any rain water outside.

Specific details

  • Max. 4 adults and 2 children
  • Size:  5m x 5m 
  • Flat, adjustable wooden floor
  • Sleeping compartment with a double bed 
  • Option of four sleeping compartments with 6 beds
  • Complete kitchen, fridge, electricity
  • Furniture: 2 garden tables, 4 plastic chairs, 2 reclining chairs, parasol
  • Important: you must take your own blankets, sheets, pillows and pillowcases