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If you choose a campsite at the Adriatic Coast as your holiday destination, then you are can look forward to a varied holiday with lots of sun, sea, beach and culture. The Adriatic Coast has been known as 'the' Italian beach destination for many years. It's the place in Italy where you can enjoy relaxing on the wide, golden beaches that stretch for miles. But a campsite at the Adriatic Coast is also a good base for many enjoyable trips to colourful villages, interesting cities and a beautiful hinterland. This region can fulfil everyone's wishes, which is why Vacansoleil offers such a wide range of campsites at the Adriatic Coast. 

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    Sun, sea and beach; enjoying the Adriatic Coast

    Your campsite at the Adriatic Coast is situated near the azure blue sea and its sun-drenched sandy beaches. The coastline is about 770 kilometres long and is made up mainly of elongated beaches that seem to stretch forever. This varied Italian region has a good climate. Watersports lovers will have the time of their live at the Adriatic Coast with many different watersport activities on offer. The coastal villages like Caorle and Rimini are always pleasantly busy with people. Of course there are quieter parts of beach near your campsite at the Adriatic Coast too, spots where you can completely relax under a parasol or explore the underwater world for yourself.  

    Cities at the Adriatic Coast

    If you’re staying at a campsite on the north of the Adriatic Coast, then visit the fabulous city of Venice.  It’s a romantic city full of canals, gondolas and small bridges. Leave your car, because in the city of 'O sole mio' you’ll travel by boat or on foot. Take a romantic gondola tour for a truly memorable holiday experience. Are you an art lover, spending you’re holiday more centrally on the Adriatic? Then admire the wonderful works of Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello and Michelangelo in beautiful Florence. The world centre of art. Fancy some tax free shopping? Then the picturesque state of San Marino is a real paradise for retail therapy bargains! Holidaying at a campsite on the southern side of the Adriatic? Then Rome is most definitely worth a visit. With the mighty colosseum and magnificent St. Peter's square, the eternal city never fails to impress.  

    Making trips from your campsite at the Adriatic Coast

    From your campsite at the Adriatic Coast you can make many nice trips. For example, you can take a boat trip to the islands of Murano and Burano in the Laguna or visit the thermal springs in the Apennines. A nice idea for the whole family is the small rollercoaster in Trieste at the border of Slovenia. This oldest tram line in Europe scales a mountainous route and gives you a great view. Interested in small castles and tiny, picturesque villages? Then don't forget to visit the hinterland of the Romagna region. Plus the whole family can visit one of the beautiful nature reserves from your campsite at the Adriatic Coast.

    If you like walking, cycling, nature, culture and interesting trips or sun, sea, beach and watersport activities, then camping at a campsite at the Adriatic Coast has everything you could ask for!