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Navajo Bungalow tent

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Do you have to bring air mattresses and your own power cables? Nope, in the Navajo bungalow tent the beds are fully made up. We set them up and connect everything. The Navajo comes with six real beds, a complete kitchen unit, a large fridge, plenty of living space. Plus garden furniture, electricity and lighting, you are the best equipped campers on the campsite. The Navajo is made of sustainable materials and is very budget-friendly priced. So you get good value and comfortable camping.

Most important features (*)

  • Surface approx. 25 m2
  • For 6 people (maximum 4 adults and 2 children)
  • Living space with seating area and storage space
  • 3 bedrooms with a total of 6 beds
  • Furnished kitchen unit with 4-burner stove and large refrigerator (no running water)
  • Lighting and sockets
  • Pillows and duvets or blankets provided
  • Garden table, garden chairs and parasol

(*) The layout and features of our accommodations may differ per campsite. Please check the campsite webpage for exact information about the accommodation of your choice.