Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions - Home again

Is it possible to make a booking for next year?

It is now possible to make a booking for 2018. Some parks won't have 2018 prices available at that time, for these applicable parks, we will make a provisional booking for you. Once we advise you of that park price in the Autumn, you will have 5 working days to decide if you wish to go ahead or cancel the provisional booking. A €100 deposit is required for all provisional bookings - this is refundable if you cancel the booking within the 5 working days. If you confirm your provisional booking, the deposit paid is deducted from the total price and is non refundable. For all 2018 bookings where the prices are confirmed, a €100 deposit is required. This deposit is non refundable on cancellation. Terms & Conditions will apply.

Lost items

If you have lost or left something from your holiday we advise you to call our sales team within a week of arriving back home. For the best chance of locating the item we will ask you for as many features of the object as we can, such as, the brand, product, colour, size and other specific features.

Where can I ask questions and give feedback regarding my holiday?

You may contact us by telephone if you have any additional comments.