Before arrival

Frequently asked questions - Before arrival

When will I receive my travel documents?

We will send you your travel documents 4 weeks before your departure date, once we have received full payment. If you book and pay in full within 4 weeks of travel we will send your travel douments on the same day.

What do I need to bring with me on my holidays?

Vacansoleil will provide a checklist of everything you will to bring need before your departure. If you are traveling with children, we'll provide a special checklist then. Bedding requirements vary depending on the accommodation and the campsite. Mobile homes, glamping lodges and most safari tents have duvets / blankets and pillows. Blankets and pillows are not provided in the bungalow tents, so remember to bring your own. To check if linen and bathroom sets are available at your accommodation, contact our customer service or check your travel documents or on the camping information page of your booked campsite, under the "Accommodation" section.

Is bedding available in my accommodation?

The supply of bedding varies depending on the accommodation type and the campsite. Pillows and duvets / blankets are provided in all types of mobile homes and in (almost all) safari tents. Pillows and duvets and blankets are not available in bungalow tents (so don't forget to bring your own). Linen such as sheets, bottom sheets and pillowcases are not usually available in our accommodation, but this may vary depending on the campsite. To be sure, check the details of the selected accommodation on the campsite page to see if bedding is available or if it can be reserved in advance. The option to rent the bed linen is available at a large number of campsites and can be easily booked during the online booking process or later by phone. Remember that if bedding is not available in your accommodation and cannot be rented on park, then you must bring your own supply!

What information is provided in my travel documents?

In your travel documents you will find three files. The first is a copy for you, showing details of your reservation, such as the name of the campsite, the address, the GPS coordinates, the dates of the stay, the type of accommodation reserved, the details of the participants, the hours of entry and exit and costs to be paid at the campsite. The second attached file is the campsite's copy and must be printed and presented at check-in. This informs the campsite about all details of your reservation. The last file contains useful information for your holidays, including emergency numbers. Please note that additional services, such as bedding or baby kit, are not mentioned in your travel documents, but these services are recorded in our system and on your invoice

What are the arrival and departure times of the campsite?

Arrival time are usually between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. The time of departure from the campsite is between 08:00 and 10:00. Will you be arriving later on the day of arrival? No problem, in most campsites it is possible to arrive later than the official entry time. Please inform us in advance and we will notify the campsite that you will arrive later. If you arrive before the official check-in time, you will not have access to your accommodation. Often the campsite allows you to use its facilities ahead of time. So, you can take a dip in the pool or have a coffee on the terrace. If you are going to be late, the campsite needs to know. You can call the direct telephone number of the campsite, which appears in the travel documents. If you have any question? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you.

Where can I find a map of the campsite?

You will find a map of the campsite on the righthand side of the campsite information page on our website. "View campsite map" should be available. Please note, some campsites maps are not yet live.

What are the dimensions of the beds in my accommodation?

The beds in your accommodation may vary in length and width. Our accommodations usually have a main bedroom with a double bed and other bedrooms with single beds. In most cases, double beds have 1 mattress. The length varies between 1.80 m and 2.00 m and the width varies between 1.40 m (in most) and 1.60 m. The single beds have a length that varies between 1.80 m and 2.00 m and a width that varies between 0.70 m and 0.80 m and 0.80 m and a width that varies between 0.70 m and 0.80 m. To be sure of the dimensions of the beds in your accommodation, you can check it on the information page of the campsite, selecting your accommodation and clicking on "Details". A pop-up window will open and show you all the details of the chosen accommodation.

What is the "Fiche de Police"?

If holidaying in France, the law now requires that you fill out your data and your dates of stay on the "fiche individuelle de police" form and hand it in at your campsite reception. Tip: fill it out at home so you can check-in more quickly. You can print 2 copies if all the people in your reservation do not fit on one form. Children up to 15 years of age can appear on their parents' file.

Are there additional costs to pay at the campsite?

In most campsites there are compulsory local charges to pay on arrival, such as tourist tax and / or cleaning costs. These costs are noted on your travel documents and on your booking confirmation.