Camping in Iseo

Camping near Iseo

Do you want to camp in comfort on a lake peninsula? Then a camping near Iseo is the perfect destination. Iseo is a small, historic town situated on the south bank of Lake Iseo. Into the lake juts a peninsula where the camping is located. All those who love water will love it here. The lake is excellent for all types of watersports. A quick refreshing dip, canoeing, sailing and windsurfing are all catered for. A stay at Sassabanek camping or another camping near Iseo is all about water fun in all its forms.

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Around Lake Iseo numerous typical Italian villages with narrow streets, quaint squares, cosy little restaurants and relaxing outdoor terraces are to be found. Each area surrounding the lake  has its own interesting sights to offer. A castle, monastery and church are just some of the many possibilities. Or visit the nearby city of Brescia from where you can comfortably reach other famous cities such as Milan and Verona. Whether you come for culture, nature or adventure, a stay at one of the campsites near Iseo will bring it all within your reach.