Camping Kids

You will find the funniest entertainment programme at the campsite! Camping Kids has a great range of activities for children aged 4 to 12. They will have exciting adventures with the happy Indian Tipy, his girlfriend Flora and the cuddley bee Zipp. They can do arts and crafts, play, dance or participate in sports with Tipy and Flora. 

Camping Kids Mini

Especially for our smallest guests! Camping Kids mini is a special entertainment programme for children aged 2 to 4 years. With super fun activities like handicrafts for kids, puppet shows, educational games, reading with Tipy and Flora, hug time with Zipp and much more. Always under safe supervision by our entertainers. Let your little ones have fun.

Camping for you!

Teens have a blast with this entertainment programme that’s available at campsites with the Camping for you! Logo. All kinds of sports tournaments and evening activities are organised so they won't be bored. Together with people of the same age they can join in various sports, themed evenings and swimming pool activities. A number of adventure games are also organized by our specially trained entertainers.

Camping Family

On some campsites a special family programme is also offered called Camping Family. These activities are for young and old people, fun for everyone. Think about theme games, 'games without frontiers', aquarobics or olympics. Also the evening programs take in quizzes, musicals, music and lovely bbq evenings.

Camping Adventure

For real adventure seekers, some campsites offer special outdoor activities filled with thrills. Like mountain biking, climbing, abseiling, canoe trips and much more. You can recognize these campsites by the Camping Adventure logo. The activities offered may vary from region to region.

Camping For Two

Want a wonderful holiday for just the two of you, but also looking for entertainment? Camping For Two offers unique activities for couples, often with a sporty, cultural or culinary touch. Workshops, yoga, wine and cheese tasting, organised walking tours in the beautiful surroundings. These are just a few of the things on offer.