Recreational cycling close to campsites


A country with a huge diversity of landscapes, and therefore really suited to cycling holidays. France offers something for everyone. From beautiful beaches to picturesque villages and from fields filled with sunflowers to stately châteaux. When you're on a bike you'll come to know the country from a whole new and interesting perspective.

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The area around Lake Garda and the Adriatic coast is a delightful place to ride a bike. Make a tour through the small villages that are to be found a little bit further from Lake Garda - you'll be surprised by the peacefulness and beauty. At the Adriatic coast you can take your fill of  the beautiful sandy beaches and azure-blue water.

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Thanks to the lovely climate, Lake Balaton is an ideal destination to discover by bike. There's so much to see and experience here! Visit the beautiful cities full of art and culture, and don't forget the vineyards on the shores of the Lake Balaton. These wines are world-famous and top quality.

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When it comes to cycling areas, think Kempen. This very open, flat region with its many differing landscapes is a popular destination for cyclists. At the Belgium coast you can enjoy the fresh sea air and the sandy beaches, perhaps rounding off the day in one of the many restaurants that line the boulevards.

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The big advantage of the flat landscape of Holland is that it is ideal for a cycling holiday. Holland is small and therefore well-suited to a cycling tour that takes in the different regions, cities and campsites. We're certain that you'll be pleasantly surprised by the diverse beauty Holland has to offer.

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Germany is a real cyclists' paradise, with good cycling paths and clear signage. Recreational cyclists can enjoy cycling through the forests and nature parks in Bavaria, in the valleys of the Black Forest and beside the Lake Constance.

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Over 10,000 km of signposted cycling routes and mostly hilly or flat countryside make Denmark a perfect country for cycling. Many routes are along the water, beautiful nature and picturesque Danish villages