City trip to Venice


One of the most visited cities of Italy and one big open air museum, that is how Venice is best described. The most unique thing about it has to be the location. The city is built on islands in a lagoon and that is why all transportation takes place on the water. Naturally you will have heard of the famous gondolas (with or without a singing gondolier).

Campsites close to Venice

In principle you can visit Venice from every campsite on the Adriatic Coast. Below is a selection of the campsites that are the closest:

Camping Cavallino – Distance to Venice 43 km. 
Camping Ca'SavioDistance to Venice 60 km.
Camping San FrancescoDistance to Venice 74 km.
Camping Laguna Village – 
Distance to Venice 74 km.
 – Distance to Venice 80 km.
​Camping Hu Venezia In Town – Distance to Venice 10 km.

City trip to Venice

The combination of culture and vast number of sights makes Venice the best destination for a (romantic) city trip. Put on some sturdy shoes and start walking. This the easiest and most adventurous way to discover Venice. Walk through narrow (often blind) alleys, over the many bridges and along endless small canals. Take a trip on a gondola and see the old merchant palaces and the majestic squares from the water.

Experts forecast that the city will disappear at some point in the future. The water rises and the city drops down by 2mm each year, so a visit to Venice definitely belongs on your to-do list! It is sure to leave an unforgetable impression.

Travel information for Venice

Of course you can go to Venice by car, but keep in mind that the city centre is car free. You can park at the entrance to the city, but it will cost you dearly. A cheaper alternative is to park at the train station in Mestre and take the train from there. This trains run regularly and within 10 minutes you are in the centre of Venice.

There are also 2 airports close to Venice. Most budget airlines fly into Treviso (32km), other airlines fly into Marco Polo Airport (12km). Both airports offer shuttle services to the centre of Venice. From Marco Polo you can also take a ferry or water taxi to the city.

Well-known sights


Basilica of San Marco

The San Marco basilica in the San Marco square is a stunning building. The excessive decoration, the statues and the towers catch your attention immediately. Inside the basilica  you can admire valuable pieces like marble statues, gold and silverware plus relics from saints like St.Marcus. In the cupolas you'll see decorations depicting various passages from the bible.



Bridge of Sighs

This baroque bridge connects the Doge Palace with Venice's jail. Once suspects were convicted in the palace, they were taken to the jail over this bridge. It was usually a one-way trip so their last sigh was exhaled on this very bridge as they saw the view over the Rio di Palazzo in Venice.

Venice with children


Feeding pigeons in San Marco square

The main square of Venice is that of  San Marco (Piazza San Marco). It is said to be one of the most beautiful squares in the world and is made up of two parts: the Piazza and the Piazzette. The square looks exactly as it did in the Middle Ages, Children love to feed the many pigeons that live here. You can buy bags of feed at the square.



Vaporetto water buses

Once in Venice most kids really like to see the city by boat. You can do this by hiring a gondola, but it is a lot cheaper to travel by vaporetti, the water buses that run throughout the city. A tip is to buy a Travel Card. With this card you have unlimited travel on them plus you can visit the surrounding islands.

Shopping in Venice


Shopping in the city centre

The tangle of little streets and alleys are home to the most amazing boutiques. You'll find a lot of Venetian masks and souvenirs made from Murano glass. Around the San Marco square enjoy window shopping in the  famous designer stores, such as Armani, Prada and Versace. The Strada Nuova is also a nice spot for a stroll. This street, between the station and San Marco square, is where you will find the nicest shops and pasticcerie (pastry shops).



Rialto market

The Rialto market is one of the most attractive in Italy. Just sit on a bench and enjoy the activity, be amazed by the fresh fish and the colourful spices. The beautiful Rialto market building is a feast for the eye, but make sure to venture inside to see the various fish stalls. In the early morning the Italian fishermen deliver day's catch by boat. You can combine the Rialto market with a visit to the Rialto bridge, which gives you a stunning view over the Canal Grande.

Eating out in Venice


You can of course always enjoy great food in Venice, it is Italy after all! Did you know that carpaccio was invented here back in 1950 by Guiseppe Cipriani, owner of the world-famous Harry's Bar? Well nowadays you can still enjoy the famous carpaccio here, but it’s not cheap. Venice has plenty of choice for every taste, from pasta to pizza and of course fresh fish.


Some tips about eating and drinking in Venice

  • Look for a restaurants away from the main tourist areas as these can be very expensive.
  • It is forbidden to eat sandwiches on the streets of Venice and the fines for doing so can be quite high.
  • Side dishes can be quiet expensive, a trick used by restaurants to increase your bill.

Eating with children

Is is not difficult to find something children like to eat. Pizza comes to mind of course! Or pasta. But top marks will be for dessert: a delicious Italian ice cream. Venice is home to the best ice cream shops. Made in the most delicious flavours, the traditional way.