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Mobile Homes In Hungary

Going camping in Hungary and looking for a little extra luxury? Choose a campsite in Hungary with a mobile home! That way you can enjoy both the great outdoors and also the fantastic facilities of your mobile home.

Discover Hungary

Hungary is rich with culture, stunning baroque cities like Budapest and Pecs, spicy food, delicious wines and very friendly people. Enjoy the music and wine festivals in Hungary and a multitude of other great events. Discover what Hungary has to offer, while staying in a luxury mobile home. Why Hungary? Because Hungary is extremely affordable! Sit down for some refreshments at a local cafe and you’ll pay less than half you would in other countries.


Budapest is the capital of Hungary. It’s known as the queen of the Donau, because the River Donau runs right through the middle of the city. See the sights in this beautiful city full of historical monuments, bath houses, parks and museums!

Luxury mobile homes in Hungary

There are eight types of mobile homes to choose from. The Hawaï, Fiji, Bali, Tahiti, Tahiti XL, Waikiki, Waikiki XL and the Glamping mobile home. The Hawai offers sleeping accommodation in the living area or in a separate bedroom.The Fiji and Bali have two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with fridge and their own toilet and bathroom. The Tahiti mobile home even has two bathrooms. Ideal for holidays with teenagers or multiple couples. Do your teens want to bring a friend? Then choose the Tahiti XL with two bedrooms and three bedrooms. Need more space? Then choose the Waikiki. This mobile home has three bedrooms, its own bathroom, a large table and a fully equipped kitchen. The Waikiki XL is even bigger with a fourth bedroom. Enjoy your holiday in Hungary in a luxury mobile home!

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Camping Pelso

Alsóörs - Lake Balaton - Hungary

A child-friendly campsite situated on the northern shores of Lake Balaton. Lovely greenery and a waterslide that runs directly into the lake. A campsite with lots of activities for all ages.

Camping Füred

Balatonfüred - Lake Balaton - Hungary

A large campsite with great facilities. Several bars and restaurantsm all kinds of sport tournaments and a large slide running into the lake. Try out the automatic water ski.