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Campsite Accommodation Review: The Kalahari Premium Safari Tent

Review Of Our New Kalahari Premium Safari Tent

This Spring Vacansoleil launched a new type of campsite accommodation, the Kalahari Premium Safari Tent. We were looking for a family to test this new accommodation and Jantien and her family were the lucky ones. Read Jantien’s report on the new Kalahari Premium safari tent to see how they got on.


“We were very excited for our kids to discover the joy of camping because we are lifelong camping enthusiasts. We have a baby and a toddler and therefore there was more to consider when choosing which campsite to stay in and also the type of campsite accommodation. For example, does the campsite have sufficient swimming pools, play areas and children’s facilities? Is the campsite accommodation comfortable, spacious and warm with good kitchen and bathroom facilities? We found everything we needed in the Kalahari Premium Safari Tent at 5* Bella Italia Campsite, Lake Garda. ”

5* Bella Italia Campsite
5* Bella Italia Campsite


The Kalahari Premium Safari tent sleeps up to 5 adults, spread over two spacious sleeping areas.  You’ll be sleeping in a real bed, with a thick mattress!

It has a fully equipped kitchen unit with a 4-burner hob, a microwave and a large fridge with separate freezer. The living area has wooden furniture, consisting of 1 table, a 3 persons sofa and 3 padded chairs. Outside there is a wooden and fenced veranda with a padded corner sofa and 2 loungers.

This luxurious Safari tent is more spacious due to its straight walls. The sturdy support framework rest on a wooden floor which is easy to adapt. Ideal for uneven or soft terrain. The floor is extremely stable and easy to keep clean. It’s also 15cm above the ground therefore preventing rainwater from getting in.

Kalahari Premium Safari Tent
Kalahari Premium Safari Tent


“Vacansoleil surprised us with their brand new campsite accommodation. A real safari tent on stilts! The added baby package provided the necessary comforts. The children had their own high chairs, bed and bath. The rooms are equipped with wooden built-in wardrobes to easily store your belongings. ”

“For us, a camping holiday is all about culture, nature, relaxation and being together as a family. We therefore had very high expectations for this holiday. And we were not disappointed, therefore we would 100% recommend the Kalahari Premium Safari Tent.


Check out the Kalahari Premium Safari Tent HERE

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