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The best of the best among our holiday homes. Villa Como XXL is a large, luxurious villa for groups of up to 18 people. There's at least seven bedrooms, a minimum two bathrooms and a large, cosy hangout zone. Ideal for a large family or group of friends. Enjoy your own bedroom space and hang out with the group in the comfy lounge, or cook together in the spacious kitchen.

Most important features (*)

  • Surface area differs per villa
  • Luxurious detached holiday home
  • For 5 to 18 people
  • Living room
  • Minimum 7 bedrooms
  • 2 or 3 bathrooms
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen with modern appliances
  • Sometimes with luxury extras (eg sauna or bubble bath)
  • Terrace with luxurious sitting area

(*) The layout and features of our accommodation may differ per campsite. Please check the campsite webpage for exact information about the accommodation of your choice.