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Tipi Bungalow tent

As kids we all used to make play tents from sheets in our living room. But now this Tipi is fully ready for you at the campsite. In this colorful party tent you are in harmony with nature, and thanks to various everyday essentials included you won't be short of anything. Each Tipi tent is unique; the furnishing and dimensions slightly differ per campsite. You will find the exact specifications on the campsite webpage. One characteristic is the same everywhere however: that cool Tipi atmosphere. Go camping in a real Tipi!

Most important features (*)

  • Surface area varies per tent
  • For 2 to 6 people
  • Usually separate sleeping area, but sometimes combined living/sleeping area
  • Layout differs per tent
  • Different models
  • Genuine Tipi appearance

(*) The layout and features of the accommodation may differ per campsite. Check the campsite webpage for exact information about the accommodation of your choice.