Vacansoleil design new Kalahari safari tent

Market leader and camping specialist Vacansoleil is introducing a new type of tent this season: the Kalahari safari tent. Unique fact: the travel company developed this tent together with its guests. The Kalahari will be available at 16 campsites from the spring, in Italy, France, Spain, Croatia and The Netherlands. 

In 2017 1500 Vacansoleil guests took part in a ‘Tent survey’. The objective here was to gain more input in order to develop a new type of tent which matched the desires of the Vacansoleil guests.  Wishes and suggestions were gathered  through a survey and personal interviews. Comfort, space, user experience and appealing prices ranked high on their lists of preferences.

An adventurous safari tent for 5 persons
All the suggestions and wishes were collected, combined and then translated into an actual design. The end result: the Kalahari, a safari tent for 5 persons with an adventurous look and feel, 2 bedrooms, 5 comfortable beds, a kitchen unit and a surprisingly spacious living area, with cosy furniture.  Guests can also lounge in the sitting area on the wooden veranda. The tent rests on a raised wooden platform.  

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The new Kalahari tent is extremely compact. This means it can be placed on virtually every pitch at every campsite. This was an important criteria during the development stage. Vacansoleil will use two different manufacturers to begin with, to create a series of a few hundred Kalahari tents. By doing this, the development team can gain insight faster as to which technical solutions are the best ones.

CEO Bart van der Linden: “ This is a project we’re very proud of. It’s very special to be able to design and furnish a new tent, with the help of our guests.  When it comes to user experience and comfort, the Kalahari ranks precisely between the well -known bungalow tent and the extra large (almost 50m2) Serengeti Safari tent. Staying in a Kalahari gives you that real camping feeling, but with an extra luxurious experience.  It’s perfect Glamping at affordable prices. Guests who helped us with the development of this tent will be the first in line to experience the Kalahari this spring.” 

Different accommodations at more than 500 campsites
The new Kalahari tent will be Vacansoleil’s little brother to the much larger Serengeti safari tent, which has a bathroom and airconditioning, amongst other facilities. Vacansoleil has a wide range of fully equipped bungalow tents, mobile homes, luxury Glamping accommodations and pitches at more than 500 campsites throughout Europe.